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Sustainability Features & Indices

Love for Mother Earth

1. By using one ton of waste paper instead of virgin pulp, we save:

    20 Full-grown trees

    30,000 Liters of water

    4,100 KWH of energy

    1,700 Liters of oil

    3.06 cu.yard of land fill space

    587 Pounds of air pollution


2. Continuous Cost Management. We continue to conduct studies to be more

strategic in reducing our usage of energy to contribute in preventing global

warming, effective utilization of natural resources like water, and managing

our use and disposal of chemicals and other hazardous substances.


Social Responsibility

1. Green Philippine Highways Project. Employees yearly volunteerism in tree

planting along the stretch of Ninoy Aquino Highway in Mabalacat,



2. Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO) Multipartite Monitoring Team.

Quanta is a member of TECO Multipartite Monitoring Team and supports and

joins activities like:

2.1 Adopt a Forest Project @ Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA)

2.2 Adopt a River Project

2.2.a Clean-up drive at Sapang Balen

2.2.b Adopt an Estero (drainage canal) Informational Campaign

2.3 Medical Missions


Peoples Development, Health & Safety

1. Key Performance Indicators (KPI). KPI is Quanta’s Performance

Management System, which objectively measures individual performances to

support growth targets.


2. ISO Certification. Quanta is under ISO 9001:2008 certification where its set

standard for its Quality Policy System is being evaluated.


Market Shaping and Education

1. Brand Value Proposition. Our diversified product portfolio exhibits our

sustainable practices; product packaging and institutional tissue dispensers

display quantitative environmental impact data and Green Choice Philippine

Seal of Approval as part of our green education campaign.