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Over 20 Years of providing high-quality, affordable, hygienic, and environment-friendly products.

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Building a sustainable future

We believe that by sustaining the environment, our community and our people, we will be well equipped to attain our biggest aspiration.

Uphold our Corporate Social Responsibility

We define success not only in terms of revenue, but the positive impact we make in the community. Through sustainable business practices, volunteerism and charity work, we make this possible.

We demonstrate the true passion and heart of every Filipino

Taking pride of products that are made from the heart of Filipinos, for the Filipino.

Why choose Quanta Paper?

We are Committed to Sustainability

We focus not only on being economically viable but in being socially responsible and environmentally sensible as well. We ensure to meet the needs of the present generation while taking into consideration the ability of the next generation to meet its own needs.

We Provide Solutions

Our customers are our inspiration. We listen to and understand their needs. Our wide portfolio of products enables us to create options and our ability to customize products allows us to respond to the customer's specific requirements to ensure their satisfaction.

We Help the Community

We immerse ourselves in a community and surround us with people who are dedicated to bettering the world. We gain a unique sense of purpose by serving those around us, one which reflects in other areas of our lives. For a better future, it's our initiative to help our community in every way we can.

Our Flagship Product


Made with Premium Eco-pulp

The NEW FRESH offers high quality tissue that are absorbent, hygienic, environment-friendly and comes with an attractive packaging design. It is made from Premium Eco-Pulp which comes from high quality eco-friendly materials mixed with sustainable premium plant-based pulp such as sugarcane and bamboo plant. 

Using FRESH, we help save the environment, save energy, protect our natural resources and preserve our trees.

Tested and certified

100% Trusted By Many

To ensure the consistent quality of our products and services, we put in place an ISO 9001:2015 certified Quality Management System that aims to meet customer, statutory and regulatory requirements. Year-round compliance audits help us ensure that we remain steadfast in our commitment to create products that people can rely on, everyday.

We are the only tissue manufacturing company in the Philippines whose paper products are marked with the Green Choice Seal of Approval - certifying that our products are made using sustainable practices to protect the environment. This is in accordance with the standards set by the Philippine Center of Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development (PCEPSDI).

Our Halal certification guarantees that our products and services are in accordance with the requirements of Islamic law and are therefore acceptable for the consumption of the Muslim population.


Away from Home

Eco-hygiene Institutional Sales Corporation is a member of the Quanta Group of Companies that caters to institutional customers like hotels, resorts, restaurants, hospitals and private government offices.

Explore Sweet Baby

We are also the makers of SweetBaby Diaper and Wipes and PrimeCare Adult Diapers. Want to know more about our products? Visit the website now.

Shop from Home

You can now buy our products here at our new Quanta Paper store. Just a few taps and you're done. Add to cart now!