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We see waste paper as opportunity

Every waste that we see, is a great opportunity to further help heal mother earth.

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We Promote Sustainability

We continue to create environment-friendly products that people can rely on everyday.

We empower women to take climate action

Encouraging everyone to take the first step to going green and saving our environment.

We demonstrate the true heart of every Filipino

Taking pride that this is proudly created in the Philippines and by the Filipinos.

Why choose Quanta Paper?

We Care for the Environment

We take an active stand in the preservation of nature and value the gifts that it offers. We believe that by sustaining Mother Earth, she will sustain us in return.

We Recycle

No waste left behind. We envision and aspire for a sustainable world, to ensure a safe place for generations to come. We believe that through recycling, we are a step closer to this dream.

We Innovate

Our customers are our inspiration. We constantly think of creative ways to delight our customers through the wide portfolio of products that we offer. 

Our Flagship Product

Fresh Bathroom Tissue

Uses 100% Recycled paper

To help preserve the environment while fulfilling the needs of our everyday lives by creating quality and eco-friendly products, people can rely on.

Tested and certified

100% Trusted By Many

We are the only tissue manufacturing company in the Philippines whose paper products are marked with the Green Choice Seal of Approval - certifying that our products are environmentally safe and produced in accordance with the principles of Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development.

The National Ecolabelling Programme – Green Choice Philippines (NELP-GCP) is one of the country’s initiatives that exercise the fundamentals of sustainable development. It is an application programme based on ISO 14024 – Guiding Principles and Procedures.

Through a multi-sectoral process, the programme provides criteria for environmentally-preferable products which can be used as a guide for consumers and institutions for product selection.

Our History

Over 16 years in providing high-quality, affordable, hygienic, environment-friendly products with concern, care, and love - people can rely on everyday.

Explore Sweet Baby

We are also the makers of SweetBaby Diaper and Wipes and PrimeCare Adult Diapers. Do you want to know more about our producst? Visit the website now.


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